Airbnb has a huge database of places to stay, whether you fancied renting a beach house in Grenada, a treehouse in Brazil, or sharing a space with a local in New Jersey, they’ve pretty much got you covered.

The places range from the basic to the downright fancy. Airbnbs work particularly well for groups traveling together or even solo travelers looking for a more local experience. Airbnb is usually accommodation hosted by locals that live in the property or own it.

Top reasons to stay in an Airbnb vs Hotels
Airbnb gives you the opportunity to rent an entire home or even a room in a shared space and pay by the night, rather than per person. This usually works out a lot cheaper for large groups.

Having your own space (possibly even a fully-stocked kitchen, living room, etc) also provides you with a lot more freedom to relax, enjoy each other’s company, and of course cater for yourself.

With Airbnb, you shouldn’t expect any amenities or services and with a cleaning fee added on at the end of every booking – you definitely don’t receive a turndown service. This can sometimes translate to lower prices than hotels in the area.

Whatever source for housing you choose, take note of these insider tips:
Be sure to read Airbnb’s reviews on location, quality, and security (this is usually a more reliable source than the actual listing) and always book with a reputable host.

Clearly, the choices and possibilities for travel and living are endless. Whatever it is you are looking for you are likely to find the perfect place to make your next destination exactly what you want it to be.