There’s no denying it. An Airbnb is not the same thing as a bed and breakfast. The Airbnb definition chose the name because of all the advantages and optimistic associations that B&Bs evoke. However, apart from the name, there are few parallels between a B&B and an Airbnb. In general, the only real difference between an inn and a B&B is size. And, when it comes to Grenada WI vacations, what kind of lodging property do visitors choose? They choose BnBGrenada in St Georges and other B&Bs as their top holiday destinations.

Hotels, motels, and other lodging brands have been stealing words from the B&B industry for years. What establishment provided breakfast with a stay long before self-cooking toasters and frozen waffles became commonplace in hotels? Breakfast is half the name of B&Bs, after all. The lodging industry in America has always looked to the B&B industry for hospitality tips and then emulated them.

When is a B&B no longer a B&B? When it’s Airbnb, of course! Let’s take a closer look at what distinguishes a B&B stay from the rest of today’s lodging options.

The bed and breakfast industry is known for its personalized service. Too many Airbnbs are unhosted structures, with a note of welcome rather than an embrace, handshake, or tour, and a brochure rack of local attractions rather than a well-planned customized itinerary from a B&B innkeeper who knows the best locations. You can meet the innkeeper for the first time when you arrive at any of Grenada’s Distinctive Inns, but you’ll still leave a friend!

In almost all counties, B&Bs are bound by municipal zoning and life-safety laws that Airbnbs are not. B&Bs, on the other hand, are subject to routine health and safety checks, whereas Airbnbs are largely unregulated. B&Bs must adhere to fire suppression, air quality, cooking equipment, and structural requirements in order to obtain a license. In the case of Airbnbs, though, this is not the case. Many societies are also grappling with how to track safety and licensing problems for Airbnbs because they are newcomers to the scene. The owner is now responsible for the owner’s protection and security. We hope they are concerned about safety, but unlike when staying at a B&B or inn, travelers cannot be certain that all regulations have been followed. Where do you think you’d be safest? Of course, at a licensed lodging establishment!

B&B innkeepers are known for their delectable breakfasts, which are half their name. Although the second “B” in Airbnb can stand for breakfast, it is rarely included in the package. Airbnbs are shared spaces or houses, and although some Airbnb hosts provide breakfast as part of the package, the majority do not. Breakfast is said to be the most critical meal of the day, and it is also one of the most memorable aspects of your B&B stay.

You have the choice of staying in any kind of accommodation. And we at BnBGrenada of Grenada WI understand that staying in a Grenada WI inn or B&B isn’t always the best option. When it is, we hope you can book directly with any of Grenada’s wonderful inns and B&Bs.