What exactly is a guesthouse?

A guesthouse is a form of lodging that is also known as a simple lodging or a B&B. (Bed and breakfast). Unlike hotels or conventional lodgings, a Guesthouse keeps the service element to a bare minimum, as it includes dormitories (shared rooms), shared toilets and bathrooms, and no facilities, thus keeping the accommodation cost low.

Foreign visitors, mostly backpackers, frequent Guesthouses, and it is popular for them to congregate in the shared living room and kitchen while conversing with one another. More users choose to stay at a Guesthouse rather than a hotel or conventional lodgings because of the allure of interacting with people from all over the world.

Shared services + sleeping quarters

There are a variety of lodging options available, including private quarters, dormitories (shared rooms), capsules, and more. The kitchen, shower rooms (bathrooms), and toilets are the shared facilities.

Depending on the home, the guesthouse accommodation room is prepared in a variety of ways. Those examples include private rooms such as those found in hotels or traditional Grenadian resorts, dormitories (shared rooms) with multiple people in one location, and capsule hotel style with multiple bed spaces in a wide area. Lockers with locks are also available in the dormitories and capsule rooms for storing valuables or luggage.

There is a dining room, a kitchen where people are free to use the cooking utensils, shower rooms (bathrooms), toilets, and washbasins in the shared facilities. Some of the Guesthouses have coin laundry or vending machines and are built to be convenient for long-term visitors.

The price of a good guesthouse

Unlike hotels or conventional resorts, which charge about $90us per night, the Guesthouse charges about $35us per night. Guesthouses are able to provide such low lodging costs by keeping operation to a bare minimum. As a result, visitors could encounter difficulties if they attempt to stay in the same manner as they would in a hotel or conventional resort. The most important distinction is that a Guesthouse is unlikely to have meals, whereas most hotels and conventional resorts have kitchens and typically offer breakfast and dinner. When searching for a place to stay, many people consider food to be an important aspect. Guesthouses, on the other hand, do not have restaurants, and while some do serve basic snacks for breakfast, no facility serves dinner. Instead, there is a communal kitchen where visitors can buy food from a nearby store and prepare their own meals. With so many foreigners, particularly backpackers, staying at the Guesthouse, it’s not uncommon for guests to share meals and begin communicating with one another through food.

What is the difference between a Guesthouse and a Sharehouse?

A Grenada Guesthouse is a type of lodging, while a Grenada Sharehouse is a type of residence. Although both houses have private and common areas, guests stay at Guesthouses on a regular basis, while Sharehouse residents pay rent on a monthly basis. A Guesthouse can also be found on the accommodation facility’s portal sites, where you can make a reservation for your stay. People can only find a Sharehouse as a rental property or by looking it up on a Sharehouse portal site, and most of the time, they become residents after viewing and signing a resident contract.

What is the difference between a Guesthouse and a Room Share?

A Guesthouse is a type of lodging, while Room Sharing is a type of living arrangement. It is a way of life in which a group of friends will rent a property from a lender directly. Whereas people stay at a Guesthouse on a regular basis, the occupancy duration of a room sharing arrangement is determined by the length of the lease agreement with the lessor. The Guesthouse establishes guidelines about the scope and usage of facilities in both private and shared areas, while in-room sharing, rules must be established for the roommates living together. In addition, the Guesthouse operator would be in charge of maintaining and cleaning the common areas, while in-room sharing, guests would be responsible for doing so on their own, much as they would if they were living in a regular rental house.

What types of people reside in a Guesthouse?

The majority of the guests staying in the Guesthouses are international tourists visiting Grenada for a few weeks to a month. They enjoy visiting tourist attractions and conversing with locals while living in Guesthouses throughout Grenada. Since they wanted to extend their stay and see more places, some of them decided to stay in a Guesthouse to save money on lodging. Others stay because they want to connect with and communicate with the other guests who stay at the Guesthouse. Guests at the Guesthouse are usually young adults in their early twenties to early thirties. People who want a different kind of experience than those who stay in hotels or conventional resorts while traveling embrace the “Guesthouse” accommodation.