Grenada WI Guesthouse Experience

Grenada St Georges Guesthouse AccommodationA warm welcome is all part of the wonderful experience of staying in a Grenada guesthouse and if you book accommodation with  BnBGrenada you can be guaranteed all.

The guest house product is unique. It is unique in that guest houses are seen as different things in different countries all over the world. In Grenada, a guest house is generally an owner-operated or family-run establishment that provides accommodation.

What else makes a guest house unique?

guest houses can come in all shapes and sizes from cute cottages to stately homes and can be found in the most rural areas to the heart of a city center. As guesthouses tend to be owner-operated or family-run, a unique fact in itself, it guarantees you a warm welcome and a homely feel throughout your stay. They are also full of charm; character and all have different styles and features.

Whether it is the delicious home-cooked breakfast; whether it is the homely decor, one thing is for sure, there is something unique about a guest house stay. Now don’t get us wrong, hotels are great but one of the best features about guest houses is that most of them offer some of the same facilities as hotels such as a strong Wi-Fi connection and free secure parking and to top it off, they’re extremely private and secure too.

Finally, what gives the guest house its character is the warm Grenadian welcome you receive on arrival and the personal experience of your stay. In most cases, the person that welcomes you to the house is the owner,  the cleaner, and the manager all rolled into one! Where else would you receive this kind of unique treatment?

It’s safe to say that the Grenada guest house offers something truly unique and staying in one will be an experience you will savor for a long, long time to come. To browse through all of the guest houses available to book now, visit guest the BOOK NOW link above