Grenada has 45 different beaches, but none compares to the 2 mile long Grand Anse Beach, ideally situated on the southwest coast. Only a short distance from the capital city of St George’s, Grand Anse is Grenada’s most popular beach .

Located on Grenada’s calm leeward south coast and packed with activities, at Grand Anse you can go water-skiing, parasailing or kayaking, join a snorkel or dive boat tour for fish-filled waters nearby or simply sunbathe. In the past, beach peddlers were sometimes an annoyance but no longer since a vendors market was built near the Grand Beach Resort. It’s now one of the best places for local souvenirs.

Grenada markets itself largely to couples and honeymooners, so the best place for families to stay is on Grand Anse Beach at a larger hotel with organized programs for children. Many of the shorter hiking trails in the Grand Etang Forest Reserve are perfect as an introduction to the Caribbean’s rainforest. In summer, join a night time excursion to watch nesting sea turtles.

The neighboring island of Carriacou, only a 30-minute flight from Port Salines, is an interesting daytrip that offers a glimpse of how slow-paced Grenada used to be. Carriacou is the most populated island in the Grenadines, and its main attractions are sailing, snorkeling and scuba diving. The island’s finest beach is scenic Anse La Roche.