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Reservation Policy

Reservation Policy

Reservation Policy

Please read through all of the terms carefully.
11:59 AM |  03:00 PM


We require a 100% deposit to secure all bookings.

If the deposit is made 30days or less before the arrival date we will request the balance within 48hrs of the booking’s local check-in time. This payment can be taken over the phone or paid via PayPal sales@bnbgrenada.com.


Our check-in policy is flexible. The official check-in time is 3 pm and check-out is 11:59 am. If a guest requires an early check-in or late check-out please contact us to enable us to process your request.


This Bed and Breakfast is a couple and family-friendly vacation rental. Due to the nature of the business and accommodation

Guests with impaired mobility

The Bed and Breakfast endeavors to offer the same high-quality facilities. The B&B is located on a hill and there are several steps to access the accommodations. The B&B is more suitable for less able-bodied guests that may find steps challenging. Please check with the B&B if you have any special requirements. We will do our best to accommodate your wishes.


Pets are not allowed in the B&B.


Upon arrival, you will be asked to produce a valid credit card for any outstanding balances. The B&B does accept cash and card payments for any short notice of additional service bookings. Therefore, payment must be settled by credit card, debit card, or bank card.  We accept the following types of credit cards:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Amex


Cancellation and no-show policy

Our Cancellation Policy


Here is a brief overview of the terms of each of these cancellation policies along with some important factors to consider to help you choose the right options for you.

Under our cancellation policy, a guest can receive a full refund of the vacation service fee within 24 hours of booking. The cleaning fees will also be refunded when the accommodation fees are refunded.

However, the main differences between each cancellation policy are when the guest is required to cancel in order to receive a refund and the amounts of the refunds.


Under the Flexible cancellation policy, a guest is permitted to request a full refund within a limited period. In order to receive a full refund of the accommodation fees, the guest must request a cancellation at least 31days before the listing’s local check-in time.

If the cancellation is made at least 8-30days before the listing’s local check-in time there is a 30% cancellation charge.

If the cancellation is made at least 2-7days before the listing’s local check-in time there is a 50% cancellation charge.

If the cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the check-in is supposed to take place, the stay won’t be refunded. If the guests decide to cancel the accommodation after check-in, no refund will be given in the booking.

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