Grenada also known as the Spice Isle and is home to many spicey local dishes.  When trying out the local cuisine, what could be better to quench your thirst than a local beer?  Grenada may be known for its beaches but there are also many local beers to try and a couple of breweries to visit.  A trip to Grenada wouldn’t be complete without sampling some of the island’s beer.

Grenada Beers

  1. Grenada is home to two breweries:  The West Indies Beer Company, founded in 2014, and Grenada Breweries Limited.
  2. Some of the individual beers made in Grenada include mass-produced beers, craft beers, seasonal beers, and ciders.

Grenada major Beers

  1. Carib
  2. Stag
  3. Mackeson Triple XXX Stout
  4. Shandy Carib
Carib Beer

Carib Beer

Carib, first produced in Trinidad, is considered an American Adjunct Lager.  It is available in the United States in a few locations.  It is not hop-heavy. It is more of an “island beer” designed to drink with really spicy food or when it’s hot outside.  The color is pale; it is almost the color of pineapple soda.  Some people compare it to a Corona beer.

Stag Beer

Stag is a European-style lager.  The company bills it as encapsulating “true masculinity,” defined as strength and character.  It is marketed as “a man’s beer.” Stag is also brewed in the United States by the Pabst Company.  However, it does not taste the same as the island version due to different waters and other ingredients.  It is a pale, thin beer with a bitter aftertaste.

Shandy Carib

Carib Shandy

Carib Shandy drinks are produced in both Trinidad and Grenada.  Each has a sweet taste with the mild flavoring of the herb/fruit combination that was used to make it.  These “beers” are lower in alcohol (practically non-alcoholic), crisp, and refreshing after a long hot day in the sun or when eating fiery hot food.  These drinks are not so much for the beer connoisseur, but more for island fun.

Mackeson Beer

Mackeson XXX Stout

Mackeson is a stout beer.  It is imported by DCI Miami and available in some United States locations.  It is considered a triple stout with dark malt sweetness. It pours black but is not as thick as some stouts.  The flavor is rich but does leave a slightly acidic aftertaste for some people.

Carib Beer

Grenada is an island nation of sun, beach, sand, and fiery hot food.  When vacationing there, locally brewed beer can be a great way to enjoy the local culture and cuisine.  With so many local beers to choose from, you can try new ones every day! So, check out the places, sample the food, and sip on the beer for a complete Grenadian experience.